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Allowing students to communicate with each other through a discussion forum is sometimes used in courses. Especially large courses where the instructor wants to encourage students to assist each other. Read more..

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Assignments or activities in your class are frequently occurring. These can be posted in Brightspace. Read more..


Many courses at the TU Delft use group work for assignments and projects. This means that the groups not only work together, they also submit work, or various deliverables, as a group. How do you coordinate that through Brightspace? Read more..


Setting up paperless assignment submission folders

In Brightspace you can make the entire assignment submission process and grading process paperless and electronic. Read more..


Grading paperless assignments Brightspace

For grading you assessments you don’t have to leave the Brightspace environment. Grades can be added while reviewing assessments or through the Manage Grades page directly. Read more..


Checklists: to increase student engagement

We have seen from prior courses at the TU Delft, that a great way to keep students engaged in your course, but also on top of all the requirements that you are expecting from them, is to add a simple checklist. Read more..


Creating Quizzes

You can test your students’ understanding of the content, or their prior knowledge, with quizzes. There are various question types to choose from and most of them are graded automatically… Read more..


Assignment submission dates: extensions or late submissions

When it comes to assignments and deadlines we know that there are always a number of exceptions that might need to be made for students. Read more..

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Setting Turnitin assignments and check for plagiarism

Students can submit their written electronic assignments through the Turnitin assignment tool. Read more..


Replace Strings

Replace Strings are display configuration variable enclosed in curly braces { } that are automatically replaced by the corresponding  values. Read more..


Adding External Learning tools

To increase online learning and interactivity, you can add external learning tools to your Brightspace course. Read more..


Maple T.A.

You can use Maple T.A. for entrance tests, continuous and formative assessment to test student’s knowledge and understanding throughout the semester in Brightspace. Read more..



Use Kaltura to record sound clips, video and screencasts to share with your students in Brightspace. Read more..


Feedback Fruits

FeedbackFruits offers tools that enable you to make interactive content, give instant feedback to students both during and after lectures and allow students discuss and share course material. Read more.. 

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