Adding SCORM files

Adding SCORM files

Please note that we are currently not able to fully support this in Brightspace.

Nonetheless it is possible to add SCORM packages to your course, click on the  ‘+’  icon below to read more:

To insert a SCORM package, go to ”Course Admin” and select Import/Export/Copy components. Select Import Components.

  • Click on Start and proceed to the next menu.
  • Click on Upload and select your file from your computer.
  • Select Import all components and once the import is completed, click on View content.

Your SCORM package will be added to your course contents as a sub-module. You can drag this sub-module into another module or sub-module if needed.

Your SCORM object can also be linked to a grade item.

Take caution: it is a good idea to test this thoroughly before making it available to your students. To link it to a grade item, click on your SCORM object and add a grade under ”Assessment”. This creates a grade column for students’ marks to appear in.

Activity details

In Activity details you can define if this exercise is ”Required” and, if so, whether it is automatically required, meaning that participants have to see the topic in order to complete the activity, or manually required.

In this case, participants decide when they are finished completing this activity. You can also define a start, due and end date, and release conditions for this assignment, and last but not least, add a description so that students know more about the assignment and what is expected.


Completion Summary

On the left side of this menu, you’ll find Completion Summary.

This is a great feature that allows instructors to keep track of who has completed the assignment.

Be careful though that none of these settings interfere with any settings that might have been chosen when the SCORM object was wrapped for publishing.

Once a student attempted the exercise presented in the SCORM object, grades will be pushed to the gradebook automatically.

If you would like to know more details about these grades:

  • Go to Grades, and then Enter grades.
  • Under the grade item pre-defined for the SCORM assignment, click on the icon next to the grade. A pop-up window displays showing the user’s results.
  • If you scroll down on this window you will see a link to View user’s Scorm reports. This will take you to another window where it is possible to access more detailed information on the completion of the SCORM exercise.

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