Assignment submission dates: extensions or late submissions

Assignment submission dates: extensions or late submissions

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When it comes to assignments and deadlines we know that there are always a number of exceptions that might need to be made for students.

This page talks about start dates, due dates, end dates as well as showing how students can be provided the extra time to submit documents electronically, if they have a valid personal reason, and you have agreed to give them an extension.

Click on the + to see how to use each feature.

How you can see late submissions in the electronic submission folder:

The first thing to note about assignments is that you can specify start dates and due dates. Those are exactly what they say.

  • The start date and time indicates when students are able to click on the link.
  • Prior to the start date they will see the link’s name, but are not be able to access the link or the content associated with it.
  • Between the start date and the due date they can read the link, see what they have to do for the assignment, upload their work until the due date.
  • After the due date they will still be able to see the link, access it and upload their work. However, any work uploaded after the due date will be marked as “late”.


Please note: the end date can be set on any item in Brightspace, including assignments, but we do not recommend you use it. If you use the end date, after that end date and time, the link is not accessible anymore. In the same way as before the start date, the link title is visible, but students can not click on it to access it anymore.


This restriction to that content can lead to students e-mailing you out of frustration, if they want to review that content item, perhaps for an exam or later on for some other reason. As a result we recommend you never set the end date and time, unless you do really need it.

How to open up the submission folder to to students who need special access, (without opening it up for the entire class.)


  1. Start by going to the Course Admin link and then going to the assignment submission folder under the assignments link.
  2. Right click next to the submission folder you wish to edit. Use the dropdown next to the name and select Edit Submission Folder. (Don’t change any of the settings on the first tab, but go to the second tab under Restrictions.)
These restriction dates and times that you see here, should match what you have set in your course earlier. So again, don’t alter these yet. Scroll a little bit further down and use the special access area.

  1. Click the first button “Allow users with special access to submit files outside the normal availability dates for this folder”.
  2. Then click Add Users to Special Access and then alter the due date for the users you wish to give special access to.

Do not, for the same reason as mentioned earlier, use the end date. Simply adjust the due date. The default due date shown will be the existing due date for the assignment. If you’re giving them extra time for example an extra week, select it and select the students for whom this applies.

  1. Click Save and those students will then be shown in the summary below to have that special access to the folder for the additional time.Now if those students who you’ve given special access to upload work prior to their new special end date, their work will not be marked as late. If they submit after that special due date of course then it will be marked as late. In this way you can control the access for submissions for the majority of your class as well as make excepts for students in a straight-forward way. The summary list of students who have been given special access will remain in this page, for further reference.
When special access is granted to students this will overwrite all the general settings for that person. So while any change in general settings will apply to all regular students, it will not apply to students with special access.
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