Assignment Type: Observed in Person

Assignment Type: Observed in Person

This form of assignments in Brightspace is meant for scoring and evaluation of a learning activity such as demonstration, presentation, lab test, etc.
No files will be uploaded by the student for an Observed-in-Person assignment.

Observed-in-person assignments can also be added to Content. Students will then only see the description of the assignment and won’t be able to upload any materials.

The Observed-in-Person assignment folder is only accessible to an instructor or a similar role. (unless the ‘Manually by Learner’ is chosen.)

There are three options to mark an “Observed in Person” assignment:

  1. Automatically on due date – Brightspace ticks the assignment as completed on a pre-set date
  2. Automatically on evaluation – After having observed the learning activity to be evaluated, graded and/or scored, the instructor opens the ‘Observed in Person’ Assignment folder in the course, adds a score or grade and adds feedback text. As soon as the feedback/score/grade is added, Brightspace marks the assignment as ‘Completed’ in the system.
  3. Manually by Learner – The student will have to find the assignment in the ‘Assignments tool’ and press a button ‘Mark as complete’.

Click on the + below to learn more about these options.

  1. When creating a new assignment, select Submission Type to be Observed in person and Marked as completed to be: Automatically on due date.
  2. After creating the assignment, go to the Restrictions tab, and select the Due Date.
  3. As the due date/time has passed, Brightspace automatically marks the assignment as ‘Complete.
  1. When creating a new assignment, select Submission Type to be Observed in person and Marked as completed to be: Automatically on evaluation.
  2. Once the student has handed in the assignment, you can give the grade by going to Assignments, select the assignment you just created and select Evaluate.
  3. The instructor can now add the score and/or feedback and select ‘Publish’.
  4. Brightspace immediately marks the assignment date as completed with the same time/date stamp as the evaluation and feedback were added by the instructor.
  1. The student finds the assignment folder in the ‘Assingments’ tool and selects ‘Mark as Complete’ to have the assignment completed.


Instructors have the option to manually mark an assignment as ‘complete’ or ‘incomplete’ from the particular Assignment folder screen, even after set complete in any which way mentioned above.

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