Quick Tips for Students

Quick Tips for Students

To see the steps to follow for each topic click on the + next to the topic you are interested in.

The first step you need before getting started with Brightspace is to sign in, or log in. Go to your web browser and enter this address:

This login works on an up-to-date web browser, and on most operating systems, and yes, even on a tablet or mobile devices. We do recommend Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop computer. You will need to enter your TU Delft NetID and password.

The first time you sign in, you might need to agree to share your information with our single sign-on service provider. Please agree to this.
If you get stuck, send an email to brightspace@tudelft.nl and our support team will respond to you.

After logging in, you will find the Profile settings on the top right corner of the Brightspace homepage, when you select the profile icon.


Once you click on Profile, you will be able to find all the options for Edit My User Profile.

IMPORTANT: Do not add too much personal information here, because this will be visible to everyone!


Once you are done click Save and Close.

Let us look at Account Settings next.

1.    Click on your name to expand the drop-down menu.

2.    Click on Account Settings.



3.    Once you select it, you will see three major sections:

  • Account settings: here you will be able to modify general account settings: from the font display to language, time zone and various other application settings.
  • Discussions: in this section you may change the display or reply settings for Discussion forums
  • Email: In the last section, you can create an email signature where you can add your contact details for example. Once you save it, it will work as your default email within Brightspace.

You can always return to this section for making changes or updates.

Personalize your Brightspace by uploading a photo of yourself.

1.    Click on your name (top right in Brightspace).
2.    Then click Profile and select Change Picture.

1.    In the Navigation bar, click the Catalog.

2.    The course catalog will open in a new page.

1.    Use the grid icon (9 small squares) to quickly switch between one course and another course.

2.    Pin and unpin your most frequently used courses at the top of the page. Making it quick to switch from one to the other.

Via the My (Pinned) Courses widgets, you can find all courses that you are enrolled in. To learn more about this helpful tool, view this page.

1.    Go to the Content section of your course at the top navigation bar.
2.    Click the Table of contents.
3.    And finally press the Download button.

1. Click on your name (top right in Brightspace), then on Notifications to select your settings.

2. Scroll down to the Instant Notifications menu and thick the option to convert your notifications into emails.

3. Check the Customize Notifications menu to make sure you define other preferences.

You can choose to receive announcements right away, or a daily summary.
4. Don’t forget to save the changes!

Don’t want notifications from past courses? Want to exclude notifications for some courses?

1. Click on your name (top right in Brightspace) and then on Notifications to select your settings.
2. Scroll down to Exclude Some Courses and select the settings that suit you best.
3.  Save the changes!

Add bookmarks to anything in a Brightspace course by:

1.   Clicking on the bookmark icon. You can only add a bookmark for a specific content item, see the example below.

Once you do that for a content item, you will find the bookmarked item under the Content link in each course – to help you quickly find items again.

2.   Click on the Bookmarks button to find your bookmarked content.

Search your entire course for documents. Not all items are searchable, but this can help you find files and instructions quickly.

See all upcoming deliverables and dates for your course. Click on the Course Schedule within your course.

1.    Click on your name (top right in Brightspace).
2.    Then click on Account Settings to select your font settings.
The built-in OpenDyslexic font can also make reading the site easier.

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