Setting up a group for electronic assignments

Setting up a group for electronic assignments

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Groups created in Brightspace can work together and submit assignments. This page explains how to create, set up and edit subission folders, set up lockers and discussion areas to which groups can upload various assignments and projects.

Click on the + to see how to use each feature.

  1. Head over to Groups, which is located under Collaboration in the navbar.
  2. Select New Category. Give the category a new name, for example “Assignments”, then type in a description, specify the group enrollment type, the number of groups, and if there should be any enrollment restrictions.
  3. At the bottom of the page select Set up assignments.
  4. Once you click Save, a new page opens.
    If you have already created groups, you can still opt to set up the assignments. To do so, go to Collaboration, click Groups and then click Edit category on the dropdown arrow next to the group name.
  5. On the page, select a category (optional). You can create or select a category if you have many assignment submission folders and you wish to group them. But this is optional.
  6. Associate the folder with a grade item (optional). You can give the points grade, for example “out of 10” or “out of 57” points. You can also associate a rubric with it and you can provide instructions for the groups to complete, for example, what are your expectations, what layout in the report do you require, and so on.
    If you prefer you can also provide those instructions through an attachment. This might be useful if you already have this from a prior run of your course.
  7. Define the Submission Options. Here you can specify what you expect from the students.
    • The options cover the possibility for students to submit just text or to send in a file. If your groups need to submit two or more files you need to of course select “Unlimited”.
    • The second part of the Submission Options is about what information is kept in Brightspace. If Brightspace should retain all submissions, selec the first option; if students are only given one chance to submit, select the last option. The middle option is our recommendation. With this option activated Brightspace will keep only the most recent submission.
We recommend you to select the middle option as it will to prevent you from receiving emails from students asking if they can resubmit as they found a mistake or if there is a change they want to make. Also, if you opt to allow all submissions to be kept, you have to pay close attention to assure you are only grading the most recent one.
  1. In very small classes you may be interested in receiving a notification for every submission. In that case use the notification email, otherwise leave it blank.
  2. Click Save and then you would have created an assignment submission folder for every group, for this deliverable.
  3.  To create multiple submission folders for various deliverables in your course – let’s imagine there is also assignment 2, 3 and 4 done with the same groups. Then, go to Course Admin and under Assignments you have the option to create extra submission folders. Click on New Submission Folder and create in the exact same way as before an assignment submission folder for Assignment 2. Select that it is a group submission folder and choose the group category for your class. Follow the same steps to create the other group submission folders.
  4.  Notice that you can also choose to make it a Turnitin assignment instead. Please see Setting up Turnitin assignments and check for plagirism page for further instructions.

When creating or editing your group submission folder, under Additional Options, you can also select the option “Set up lockers”. A locker is a digital storage where students can share files with each other, and store them.

Once you select this option you will see new workspace areas are created per group.

To learn more about lockers please visit this page.

When creating or editing your group submission folder, under Additional Options, you can also select the option “Set up Discussion areas”. Here you will find the option to create one topic of discussion per group or create one topic with threads separated by group.

To learn more about Discussions, please consult this page.

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