IMPORTANT: replacement plagiarism tool (TurnitIn) and end of Grademark and Peermark
From the 1st of August 2021 onwards, a new plagiarism detection tool will go live at TU Delft. Turnitin will not be available for courses starting in the new 2021/22 academic year, please use the replacement, Ouriginal once it’s available. For the 2020/21 academic year courses, the current tool, TurnitIn, will be available for a few more months until it is switched off on October 1st. As a consequence, the tools Grademark and Peermark will no longer be available for use from October 1st. Of course, there are some alternatives in place for these tools:
Check alternatives for Grademark
Check alternatives for Peermark
Communication and instructions on the new plagiarism detection tool will follow in June/July via newsletters and the Brightspace support and information pages.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact brightspace@tudelft.nl.

When starting to prepare your courses and assignments for the next academic year, please make sure not to select TurnitIn as plagiarism check.

TurnitIn is a tool to check plagiarism that is integrated with Brightspace Assignments. Students can submit their written electronic assignments through Brightspace Assignments. When setting up an Assignment you can enable TurnitIn to check assignments for plagiarism. You can also use TurnitIn to grade assignments and give in-text feedback to students.

Creating TurnitIn assignments consists of two parts:

  • Creating an Assignment
  • Making the Assignment available to students.

Students can then upload Assignments and view their similarity reports.
See the student page to review what files can be uploaded.

Setting up TurnitIn

  1. Go to your Course and  clicking on Assignments in the menu bar.
    You can also access this by clicking on Course Admin and then selecting Assignments.
  2. Click on New Assignment button.
  3. Give the assignment a Title.
  4. Click to open the TurnitIn tab.
  5. Click on the checkbox to Enable GradeMark® for this folder followed by Enable Originality Check® for this folder.
    This will enable you to click on More Options in TurnitIn, the most important part for setting your TurnitIn assignment.
It is also possible to enable GradeMark®, without enabling the Originality Check®. This gives the possibility to add feedback and comments in assignments without checking for plagiarism.
  • Click on More Options and choose the appropriate options for your assignment.
    Check the accordion below for more info.
  • Look at Creating Assignments for more information about settings for Assignments.

You can find the optional settings by editing your Assignment, going to the TunitIn-tab and clicking on More Options in TurnitIn.

Click on Optional Settings to expand the settings page. Go through them and make the relevant selections. You can mouse-over the question mark (?) next to each setting to view the information about the setting.

Make sure to carefully select the Repository under Submission settings (see the warning below the image).

When checking documents for plagiarism that contain sensitive information, such as dissertations and theses, you must select the option Do not store the submitted papers. The submission will not be entered into the repository, and this will prevent the submission from showing up in someone else’s similarity report.

Why is this important? It is possible for someone to view the content of submissions that are stored in the repository. It is possible for anyone to copy this content and publish it under their own names.

Other important notices about Submissions in TurnitIn

  • All submissions stored on the TurnitIn repository will be checked against previous submissions submitted here, as well as any other information that can be found on the Internet.
  • All sources with similar content will display in the Similarity Report. You can click on any of them to view the entire source. All submissions are stored in the same repository for all TurnitIn users around the world.

You can attach a rubric to streamline grading and make your grading more valid and reliable.

  1. To do so, check the box Attach Rubric and click on the button Launch Rubric Manager. This will open a new window
  2. Click the drop-down icon to create new rubric or a form, or to upload an existing one.
  3. Once all the appropriate settings have been chosen, click on Submit.
    Your settings will be saved and the window will close
  • Under “Originality Check”, click on the Display checkbox to allow students to see their similarity scores. You can also make a choice from the “Frequency” settings and then the Grade should be available to students (if relevant you are going to grade the submissions). Note that TurnitIn does not grade the submissions automatically for you.

Please notice: add the start and due dates of the assignment directly in the submission folder under the tab Restrictions.
  • Finally, make sure you Save and Close once all preferences are in place.
Please notice: if changing the TurnitIn settings for a specific assignment, it may be necessary to resubmit the assignments again to TurnitIn. To do so, go to the assignment and click on the icon ‘Resubmit file for originality checking’.
  1. Go to the Content-menu of your course.
  2. Navigate to the (sub)module in your course where you want your students to submit their assignment.
  3. Click on the Existing Activities button and select Assignment.
    A popup window will appear.
  4. Select the assignment you created earlier.
  5. Your TurnitIn assignment has now been added to your course.

It is important to take note that students must submit their assignments themselves to be able to draw plagiarism reports.

How to submit an assignment (as a student): 


1.    The student will simply click on link of the assignment submission folder to open it.

2.    Once it is open, the student can follow the prompts to upload the file, add some comments in the space provided (optional).

3.    Click on Submit.


The student will receive an automated email confirming that the submission has been successful.

Important: The maximum file size for uploading to TurnitIn is 40MB. If you need to upload a larger document, like a PhD thesis, rather break up the document into chapters, or parts no larger than the maximum file size.


  1. Once logged into Brightspace, select the course that contains the assignment you’d like to view Similarity Reports for.
  2. From the top navigation bar, select Assignments.
  3. From your list of assignments, select the assignment you’d like to view Similarity Reports for.
  4. For any student, select the percentage from the Report column to open TurnitIn Feedback Studio.

    When evaluating submission of a group of students, you can also click on Launch TurnitIn, in order to access the similarity reports.

More on this can be read from the TurnitIn official website.

Whilst it is possible to grade assignment in TurnitIn it is recommend to grade assignments in Brightspace interface for a better integration with Brightspace.

Follow the steps below to grade assignments using the TurnitIn interface.

Only available after the submission date has been reached.
  1. Go to your Course and click on Assignments.
  2. Click on the title of your assignment and scroll down to see the submissions. All the submitted assignments will display.
    You might already notice a different colored block displaying for each student. The color and the percentage indicate the amount of plagiarism detected in the student’s submission. From blue/green for a low percentage, to orange/red for a high percentage.
  3. Click on one of the assignment submission links to grade the assignment.
  4. The assignment will display with the Evaluation-pane on the right-hand-side.
  5. To give detailed feedback on the assignment, click on the Launch TurnitIn-link above the document.
    This will take you to the TurnitIn Feedback Studio.

Now you can grade and give feedback on the assignment using the the feedback icons on the right-hand side:

  • QuickMarks: to drag-and-drop QuickMark comments on the document. If you want to repeat the same comments to many students, use this tool to speed up the feedback process. Click on the icon to open the QuickMarks slider window. Select a QuickMark set from the drop-down window. To create your own set of QuickMarks, click on the settings icon. The “Manage QuickMarks” pop-up will open. Click on the plus icons to add Sets (on the right-hand side) and add QuickMarks to the Sets on the left-hand side.
  • Feedback Summary: Here you can add a customized voice or text comment.
  • Rubric/Form: if you linked a rubric or a form to the assignment, you will be able to access it here for grading. Once complete, click on “Apply to Grade” to save the TurnitIn grade in the Brightspace Gradebook.

Note that you can also select text in the assignment submission and add in-line comments to the selected text.

Below the feedback icons you will find the similarity (plagiarism) tools:

  • The number: the percentage of the student’s document that matched text found on the Internet.
  • All sources: All the sources that were matched with the document.
  • Filters and settings: To exclude quotes, the bibliography etc.
  • Exclude sources: Sources matching the document that were excluded based on the “Filters and settings” that were applied.
  • Download: To download the similarity report to PDF.
  • Submission Information: Files size, date of submission etc.

Grades and feedback that have been added using the TurnitIn Feedback studio interface can be transferred to Brightspace. Follow the steps below to add grades that have been added in TurnitIn to Brightspace’s gradebook one-by-one:

There is also the possibility to push all grades to the Brightspace gradebook at the same time using the Publish All Feedback button (Assignment submissions > select all students with the checkbox > Click  Publish Feedback). But note this only works once! When changing a grade in the TurnitIn Feedback studio later, it will not synch using the Publish All feedback button; you will have to use the instructions below.
  1. Go to Grades and then go to Enter Grades.
  2. Find the assignment you wish to grade and go to the dropdown menu and click on Enter Grades.
  3. Within the grade item for the assignment click on the icon below Submissions to go to the Evaluate Submission menu. 

  4. On the Evaluate Submission menu, you will see the grade added in TurnitIn, under the field TurnitIn GradeMark.
  5. Click Use this Score to automatically transfer this grade to the gradebook.
  6. Click Publish or Update to save all the changes.

Now, the grade entered within the Turnitin Feedback studio will be the grade shown in the gradebook for that particular assignment.

SafeAssign files need to be downloaded individually and uploaded to Brightspace. Please contact Brightspace Support to assist you with this task.

TurnitIn Quick Submit for Teaching Staff

TurnitIn Quick Submit is a tool for Teaching staff to be able to use the TurnitIn without having to set-up TurnitIn within a Brightspace course. This can come in handy when only 1 or 2 documents need to be submitted. As Teaching Staff you will however have to upload all the assignments manually one-by-one, for this reason it is still advised to set-up the TurnitIn tool within your own course when dealing with large amounts of assignments.

It takes up to 15 minutes to see the similarity report after uploading the assignment. Afterwards the report can be viewed by selecting Assignments and Quick Submit.

For using Quick Submit a guide can also be found within the course under Content > TurnitIn Quick Submit.

All Teaching Staff with a TU Delft employee account (@tudelft.nl instead of @student.tudelft.nl) can gain access to the TurnitIn Quick Submit for Teaching Staff –course.

  1. Go to the Catalog via the Brightspace Homepage.
  2. Search for TurnitIn Quick Submit for Teaching Staff.
  3. Select Request Approval.
  4. Approval will be given manually by Brightspace support, this can take some time.

When encountering problems please contact Brightspace support.


Functionalities from Grademark are: annotations/commenting and grading. This includes rubrics.
These functionalities, Annotations, Grading and Rubrics, are all available in Brightspace as well.

Another option is to use FeedbackFruits Assignment Review. This tool also provides features to annotate, grade and use rubrics. The tool also gives the option to reuse feedback that you used with previous assignments. To activate FeedbackFruits Assignment Review, please contact brightspace@tudelft.nl.

A third option is to use ANS Delft. ANS is an assessment tool with multiple assessments types, one of which is a hand-in assignment. One of the feedback options in ANS is Quick comments, which can be used to prepare multiple comments you often use.

ANS Delft is not supported by Brightspace Support, in case of any issues you have to go to the ANS support website or contact ANS via support@Ans.app.

An alternative for Peermark is FeedbackFruits Peer Review. To activate FeedbackFruits Peer Review, please contact brightspace@tudelft.nl.

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