Adding / Uploading files

Adding / Uploading files

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You can upload almost any file format to Brightspace, including PDFs, PowerPoint lecture slides and programming language source code files.

If equations do no display correctly in your PPT slides, upload the files as PowerPoint 97-2003 documents. Alternatively, upload them as PDF files, or insert the equations as images.

There are three ways to upload files to Brightspace, so choose the option you feel most comfortable with. Click on the + to read more about each.

The maximum size of files uploaded to Brightspace is 1GB. If needed, you can upload multiple files of max. 1GB.

The quickest and simplest way to upload one or many files simultaneously is to drag and drop them into the content area directly, where you would like them. You can do this by dragging files directly from your Windows Explorer window, or your Finder window if you are on a Mac, to your Brihtpsace course page.

As the files are dropped into the place they will upload, and a progress meter is shown for each file. The files are uploaded in the order that you dragged them. However, if the order is not quite as you would like them, you can rearrange the files after they have been uploaded. And that is probably the easiest and simplest way to do it.

Now you can go and individually adjust the settings for each of these files and the most convenient way to do that if you have uploaded many files, is to use the Bulk Edit button up here to do so.

When you are finished, click Done Editing, and you are returned back.

  1. Click on Upload/Create and then click on Upload Files.In this window you can drag and drop your files here, or click the Upload button, and select them from your computer. A progress bar is shown as each file uploads. The section down here indicates where the files will be saved.
  2. When you have finished uploading the files, click on Add and then you are done.

As your course progresses, you will be adding files, and sometimes you want to reuse a file that you have already uploaded. So to add that file to make it visible to students now:

  1. Click on Upload/Create and then Upload Files;
  2. Once there, click on Course Offering Files.
  3. Go select a file from the selection over here, based on files you have uploaded at a prior time. For example, I am going to select this file, and then I click on Add and now it appears in the content area.

A handy shortcut to get to the Course Offering Files, is to click on Upload/Create and then on Add from Managed Files. This takes you automatically to the “Course Offering Files” sections.

As you can see Manage Files is a fairly important and useful feature in the Brightspace environment. To access this:

  1. Click on Course Admin and then Manage Files (under the Site Resources section).
  2. Here you can click on Upload to upload multiple files, or you can click on New File to create a single new file in the course folder.


You can use this area to manage files, to re-categorize them, move them around, and the nice thing is that any links to existing course content are automatically updated, if needed.

  • When you upload a file with the same title as an existing file in your course, it automatically overwrites the original file, without displaying a confirmation message.
  • To protect student information, please do not upload student grades or any other personal information to Brightspace.
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How to use this to improve your course

  • Explore the different ways that you can easily upload and manage your files.
  • Make files available in your course for students to download.
  • Share lecture slides with your students.

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