Using Turnitin: for students

Using Turnitin: for students

(for students)
Replacement of the plagiarism tool (TurnitIn): From 1 August 2021, a new plagiarism detection tool, Ouriginal, will go live at TU Delft. Turnitin will not be available for courses starting in the new 2021/22 academic year. For the 2020/21 academic year courses, the previous tool, TurnitIn, will remain available until being switched off 1 October.

You can use Turnitin to submit assignments for grading, and also to check your work for plagiarism. Turnitin will compare the document with sources published on the Internet and highlight any similarities. Based on this similarity report, you can improve your academic writing and referencing techniques.

To see more information for the topic you are interested in click on the + next to the option you want to view.

  1. Go to the Course and navigate to the area in your course where you have to submit your Assignment.
  2. Click on the Assignment link.
  3. The Assignment Submission area will open.
  4. Drag-and-drop your assignment, or click on Upload to select the assignment from your computer.The Comments text box will expand and any comments related to the assignment can be added there, if needed. (Click here for more information on file types and sizes.)5. To complete your submission, make sure to click Submit.You will then receive a confirmation email saying that the submission was successful. Do keep this receipt as proof of your assignment submission.

To view your similarity report in Turnitin:

  1. First log into Brightspace, enter your course and select Assignments on the navigation bar.
  2. Click the number of submissions for a specific assignment (in the Submissions column). (As long as the option is enabled to allow students to see their similarity scores you should be able to access the similarity report).Turnitin similarity is shown in a percentage – the percentage of similarities matching your assignment.

    Turnitin Feedback Studio

    If you click on the percentage you enter Turnitin Feedback Studio, where you can see the similarity report (with the matching sources), your assignment grade and any comments the lecturer might have added.

    Note that this percentage is NOT your grade, but the similarity score. If its the first time you are logging into Turnitin, you will be asked to click to agree to the Turnitin User Agreement.
  3. Click on the ‘Instructor feedback area’ icon on the right to see the inline comments in your text.
  4. Once you click on these icons, a pop-up window with the comment will open next to it. You will only be able to read the comments once the release date for grades have been reached.If your instructor has provided feedback (comments), and both, the feedback and a grade has been made available, you can download the assignment, together with the feedback and grades. To do so:
    • Click on the grey arrow at the bottom of the menu.
    • Select download ‘current view’.

    Next to this, you can also download the original file which you have submitted, or the digital receipt (proof that the assignment has been submitted to Turnitin).

    Please make sure you click on the box with the ‘bubble’ icon, and that Grading appears checked. In case it doesn’t, you won’t be able to find the ‘bubble’ icon in the text with comments your lecturer may have added.

Turnitin can check similarity for the following file types:

  • Microsoft Word® (DOC and DOCX)
  • Corel WordPerfect®
  • HTML
  • Adobe PostScript®
  • Plain text (TXT)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • OpenOffice (ODT)
  • Hangul (HWP)
  • Powerpoint (PPT)
  • Google Docs via Google Drive™

Files that are password protected, encrypted, hidden, system files, or read only files cannot be uploaded or submitted to Turnitin.

Files submitted cannot be larger than 100 MB and 800 pages or fewer. Text only files may not exceed 2 MB.

PDF files are supported by TurnItIt however, there are some limitations.

The following PDF variants cannot be processed by TurnItIn:

  • Image-based PDF’s
  • PDF Forms
  • PDF Portfolio
  • PDF files created by third party (non-Adobe) PDF applications or plug-ins
NOTE: When using unsupported PDF types, the document may not be able to be processed by TurnItIn in its entirety or partly.

Checking your PDF file
If the file you are trying to upload or display is a PDF and you are encountering problems, please check the following settings using Adobe® Reader:

  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader.
  2. From the “File” menu, select “Properties.”
  3. Select the following tabs and check to see what they contain:
    1. Security tab – Check to see that both “Page Extraction” and “Copying” are set to allowed.  If they are not, then Turnitin cannot extract the text to allow the system to work.  (Solution is to ensure that a new PDF is created which allows copying and extraction.
    2. Fonts tab –  If some of the fonts have (embedded subset) next to their names, then this may explain why the submission has failed.  Our system has not been able to extract the text associated with those fonts.  (This is often linked to a. above).
  4. Verify that the PDF is text-based (image-based PDFs are not supported for Originality Check). Proceed to highlight the text of your document with your mouse. If you are not able to highlight any text, your PDF is an image and does not contain text. Another option is to try a “Save As” or “Save as Other” and save to a .txt file. If the resulting .txt file is empty, no text can be rendered from the document.
  5. Verify that the PDF is not a “Portfolio” containing multiple files. If the “File” menu option shows “Portfolio Properties” rather than the “Properties” option, the file type is not supported.
  6. Verify that the PDF is not a form. If you are prompted to “Please fill out the following form,” within Adobe Reader, the file type is not supported.

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